Dec 16 2021

Updated COVID Protocols Fall 2021

Village Animal Clinic: COVID-19 Protocols

Please be aware that in order to mitigate the exposure of clients and staff to COVID-19, The Village Animal Clinic has had to implement numerous safety measures that have affected the way we do business.  We are continually making changes to our operations in an effort to best serve you while adhering to changing State, Local and Federal guidelines.


What to expect for your upcoming visit

Please inform us prior to your arrival if you or anyone in the pet’s household is displaying symptoms of COVID-19, such as fever, cough or shortness of breath.

**Masks are required regardless of vaccination status**

  • We are trying to keep the lobby limit the number of people who are in the lobby at a time so please limit the amount of additional people coming into the building to the absolute minimum.
  • If too many people/children are needed in the building during the appointment, we will be completing your appointment curbside.
  • If you require full curbside assistance for your pet, please let the medical team know when you call and we will make arrangements to assist you.


When you arrive…

  • Upon arrival remain in your car at curbside and call 614-851-6660 to notify us of your arrival.  The team will direct you to enter at the front of the building when the lobby is clear or make arrangements for full curbside service if you require additional assistance.
  • Upon entry to the building, you will be directed to place your pet on the scale in the lobby and then proceed to the main exam room.  Once you enter the exam room, please close the door and then stay behind the table as directed by the signs.  If you have not completed your patient questionnaire, please complete this in the room.
  • The medical team will enter from the second door and will maintain a 6 foot distance from you by staying against the far wall, behind the appropriate sign. They will complete your check in, answer any questions you have, and confirm your approval of services.
  • Then you will be asked to wait in the lobby until Dr. Brown is ready to speak with you in a separate room. You will have an opportunity to discuss your pet’s examination and have your questions answered at this time.  Please keep the lobby clean of any person items and/or food.
  • Once your communication with Dr. Brown is complete, you will be directed to check out at the front desk for the settlement of your account.


How can you help expedite your appointment so we can get you on your way??

  • If your pet is coming for an annual exam & vaccinations and you were provided an estimate and Patient Questionnaire by email, please review the attached files and complete the questionnaire prior to your visit. This will speed up your check-in process tremendously.
  • If you have specific questions you would like Dr. Brown to address, please email these to prior to your appointment to ensure a thorough and timely response.
  • Please email ahead of your appointment any refill requests for prescriptions or food. We will send a price sheet for heartworm and flea medications with your email confirmation.
  • Please utilize email as the best way to contact us for questions prior to and after your appointment time. This keeps our phone lines free to serve those clients at the office.


Prescription Refill and food pick up:

  • In an effort to expedite this process, please call ahead to request any prescription or food refills
  • When you arrive to pick up your prescription/food, please call 614-851-6660 to notify us of your arrival and we tell you if you can proceed into the building to check out or wait in the car for a few minutes while we clear the lobby.


We appreciate your patience and cooperation during these challenging times!


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