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We often ask what technology can do for us.  Perhaps, we should be asking, “What can technology do for our pets?”  Over the years, modern technology has continued to not only further human medicine, but veterinary medicine as well.  Our own little clinic can attest to that with our digital radiology images and pain relieving K-Laser machine.   Here are a few techno-tips that can help improve your bond with your furry pal and help us out as well!

Ahh, the cell phone.  Who doesn’t own a cell phone these days?  Most smart phones are accompanied with fantastic camera capabilities.  Before you put on your best pouty lips and snap that selfie (that’s right, we’ve seen you on Facebook!), take a look at that fur-friend following you around your house.  Did you know that a video can be an excellent way to communicate to us what is going on at home?

Oftentimes, pets have a burst of adrenaline when they come to see us and whatever the issue was at home, they no longer exhibit while here.  If you are able to take a video of it beforehand, it can be invaluable in the diagnosis process.  Some behaviors that especially benefit from video footage would be “seizures”, limping, coughing, and sneezing.  What may appear to be a seizure may actually be a fainting episode related to the heart.  Is it a cough that you are hearing or a reverse sneeze?  One is harmless while the other warrants concern.

Pictures can also be very helpful.  While we prefer a sample to a picture, sometimes seeing a picture of fresh stool, vomit, or any other abnormal material can be beneficial.  Anything that gives us a clearer picture of what is happening at home, will aide in the diagnosis.

One in every three pets will go missing at some point in their lifetime.  While nothing compares to microchipping your furry friend, special collars/tags can be useful in locating a lost pet.  A company called Whistle sells a product called Tagg.  This gps tracking device attaches to your pet’s collar and sends updates on their location directly to your mobile phone.  On the flip side, PetHub creates customized tags/i.d.’s with unique scannable QR codes.  If your pet is found by a Good Samaritan, they need only to scan the QR code and your information will be displayed on their phone.

Finally, for those of you who are technology-wielding masters, these last two products might be up your alley. Whistle also sells an activity monitor.  This product does everything from tracking food, periods of activity/rest, and sending medication reminders.  Did we mention that it’s waterproof?  If you couldn’t quite possibly bear to miss another moment with your four legged friend, perhaps you should check out the Petcube.  This home Wi-Fi camera boasts 24/7 access to watch, talk, and play with your pet using a built-in laser pointer.  Not to mention the ability to snap a picture of your princess, at any time, to share with us on social media.  Hint…hint!


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