Mar 26 2013

Iams Shakeables Turkey and Lamb Dog Treats Lots Undergo Retrieval

Procter and Gamble has issued a voluntary market retrieval for Iams Shakeables Turkey and Lamb Dog Treats due to potential mold growth.

The lot numbers listed in the retrieval include:

Iams Shakeables Turkey, 6oz

  • [2342]419715A
  • [2325]419715A
  • [2331]419715A
  • [2332]419715A
  • [2341]419715A
  • [3016]419715A
  • [3017]419715A
  • [3018]419715A
  • [3046]419715A

Iams Shakeables Lamb, 6oz

  • [2338]419715A

The lot code can be found on the bottom of the can. Look at the first 4 numbers of the second line to see if your product has been affected.

According to this PetSmart notice, no other products have been affected. At the time of the release there have been no reported cases of illness associated with this retrieval.

If you have purchased any of the affected products you are urged to discontinue use immediately.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact Procter and Gamble (Iams) at 1-877-894-4458.

Source: PetSmart

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