Aug 24 2018

Lentils and Boutique Diets – a major health concern?


The internet is full of conflicting information regarding what the best diet is to feed your beloved pet.  Sorting through the information and trying to understand what is accurate research based advice, and what is just opinion can be a daunting task.
Unfortunately, we all too often see the negative consequences of owners following the advice of “Dr Google” and inadvertently, unknowingly putting their pet in harms way.  We cannot stress enough the importance of understanding the source of the information you are reading before you attempt to interpret it.  That said, when we heard about the concerns over lentils in diets possibly contributing to heart disease in dogs, we turned to a TRUSTED resource for information.
The nutrition team at Tufts university are at the forefront of research into the complex nutritional needs of our nations pets.
We are providing a link to their website with an informative article regarding this topic and the feeding of boutique diets.  We encourage you to visit this site to learn more about the possible link between diet and heart disease.    Copy and paste the following link into your internet browser:
At Village Animal Clinic, our recommendation has, and will continue to be the use of a hydrolyzed diet to determine if a pet has a true food allergy.  Once a food allergy has been confirmed, we can utilize novel/limited ingredient diets to help reduce the frequency of allergic symptoms.   For pet’s not experiencing food related allergy, we recommend Purina, Royal Canin, Hills and Iams as reputable companies that have good quality control, consistent ingredients and suppliers, and excellent research and development.

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