Jun 30 2015

Put the Lyme in the Coconut


Lyme disease is a bacterial disease transmitted by the bite of an infected tick.  The tick, itself, does not cause Lyme disease.  It is only the carrier or“vector” for the bacteria.  The tick must be infected with a specific bacterium called Borrelia burgdorferi.  Ever wonder why people and most pets do not even feel the bite?  The tick’s saliva contains an anesthetic, antihistamine, anticoagulant, and an anti-inflammatory.  It is important to note that the infection does not happen immediately.  Infection occurs only after the tick is partially engorged (between 24-48 hours after it attaches to the dog).  This is where prevention comes to the rescue!  Depending on your pet’s risk assessment, a monthly tick preventive may be the answer.  Some tick preventives seize the mouthparts of the tick, disabling their bite before they are able to infect your pet.  For higher risk candidates, a vaccination against Lyme disease may be warranted.

Do you think your pet may already have contracted Lyme disease?  Our clinic offers convenient in house testing.  Early evidence of the illness includes fever, depression, and listlessness.  As the disease progresses, later symptoms may involve the joints and kidneys.  If treated early, the infection can be controlled.  For more information on Lyme disease visit:  http://www.lymeinfo.com/index.html .   Please contact us today with any questions regarding the prevention of Lyme disease for your pet.


-the team at VAC-


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