• Another page from our clinic cat’s journal…

    Jul 14 2015

    The Cat’s Out of the Bag              -inner ramblings of a clinic cat Day 325 Don’t give me that “pussy cat, pussy cat, where have…

  • Snap, Crackle, & Pop

    Jul 07 2015

      As a pet owner, there is nothing more satisfying than seeing your pet active & playful.  We love hearing all about their mischievous adventures and the fun you have…

  • Happy 4th!

    Jul 04 2015

    Wishing everyone a safe & fun-filled Independence Day!

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    Put the Lyme in the Coconut

    Jun 30 2015

    Lyme disease is a bacterial disease transmitted by the bite of an infected tick.  The tick, itself, does not cause Lyme disease.  It is only the carrier or“vector” for the…

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    We will be closed Saturday, June 27th!

    Jun 26 2015

    Hello VAC family! Just a friendly reminder that we will be closed Saturday, June 27th due to the Westland Area Parade.  For those who are interested, the parade begins at…

  • Fourth of July Safety Tips

    Jun 23 2015

    With the loud booms of fireworks approaching, we thought we’d take the time to offer some pet advice for your upcoming Independence Day celebrations. While we love a good BBQ,…

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    Happy Father’s Day

    Jun 21 2015

    We would like to wish all of the fathers out there (two & four-legged) a very Happy Father’s Day. -the team at VAC-

  • Beat the Heat!

    Jun 17 2015

    The dog days of summer are almost here.  As temperatures continue to climb, it’s important to remember extreme heat can be very dangerous to not only people, but pets.  Be…

  • The Cat’s Out of the Bag

    Jun 09 2015

    The Cat’s Out of the Bag              -inner ramblings of a clinic cat Day 268   The female occupants continue to harass me about what…

  • Grossology 101 – Tapeworms

    Jun 02 2015

      What comes to mind when you hear the word Tapeworms?  Immediate thought…gross?  Perhaps, you think of a strange diet-fad of long ago?  But, do you think of fleas?  Hold…